Everything, but the Kitchen Sink

Whether you call it a farm sink or apron sink…these sinks are all the rage and are often the focal point of the room!  And, they’re not just used in kitchens anymore…we see them in bathrooms and laundry rooms, too!  With the rising popularity of apron-front sinks, manufacturers are stepping up their game by offering a wide variety of colors & finishes, sizes, and designs on the apron itself.  You can find the uber-traditional versions from manufacturers like Rohl & Kohler and more contemporary offerings from the likes of Kraus & Franke.  You can find them made of fireclay, cast iron, porcelain, hammered copper, stainless steel, and stone to fit any décor style.  And, for those of you looking to keep your current cabinets, Kohler has just come out with a “remodeler’s” version of the apron-front sink that will work with most existing cabinet scenarios!

For a more traditional space, try finding a single-basin handmade fireclay sink – its hand-hewn character will add loads of charm to your home.  If you prefer to keep things clean and uniform, look for a model offered in stainless steel (or something other than the traditional white/biscuit color) with sleek lines and crisp basin shapes.  Apron sinks are installed at the front of the countertop, making them more reachable and ergonomic.  They also allow for more space from the back of the sink to the wall, which works well for faucet placement and soap dispensers.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing an apron-front sink is that they’re more labor-intensive to install, so make sure you hire an experienced contractor.  And, because the apron is exposed at waist-level, belt buckles and key rings may scratch the front the of surface, depending on what material you’re choosing, so look for something scratch-resistant like cast iron.  The apron sink is great for wet locations like bathrooms and laundry rooms as the apron provides a wipeable surface protecting the cabinetry below.  These sinks typically range in price from $800 – $1500…and since demand is up, I don’t foresee these prices dropping anytime soon.  Happy shopping!